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Product Selection Guide

Lauda has constant temperature devices and systems, suited for most any lab scale up to industrial heating and cooling needs.



The universal water baths for the laboratory from 25 up to 95 °C


Heating and cooling thermostats for cost effective thermostating in the laboratory at temperatures from -25 up to 100 °C


Heating and cooling thermostats, with enhanced features and greater ease-of-use, for common laboratory applications from -50 °C up to 200 °C


Heating bath thermostats for rapid heating from 30 up to 250 °C and cooling bath thermostats for temperature control from -100 up to 200 °C


Proline Kryomats

Heating and cooling thermostats with temperatures from -90 up to 300 °C for professional use in materials testing, research and quality control

Integral T

Integral XT

Process thermostats for professional external thermostating across a wide temperature range from -90 up to 300 °C

Kryoheater Selecta

Process thermostat for energy-saving professional temperature control in the working range of -90 up to 200 °C


Circulation chillers for variable use in laboratory, mini-plant and production for temperatures from -20 up to 40 °C


Circulation chillers for reliable continuous operation in the lab and in research from -10 up to 40 °C


Compact circulation thermostats for applications at constant temperature from 4 to 80 °C

Calibration thermostats

Calibration and adjustment with LAUDA calibration thermostats at temperatures from -40 up to 300 °C

Additional devices

Immersion coolers, through-flow coolers, circulation heat exchangers (system separators)


Accessories, Heat transfer liquids, Software

measuring instruments

Measuring Instruments

Viscothermostats iVisc Automatic Viscometer Peltier Tempering Unit PTT
Ring Plate Tensiometers Glass Capillary Viscometers, Process Viscosity Systems
Drop Volume Tensiometer TVT 2 Applications - Polymers Apps – Lubricants, oils and fuels

HKS Industrial heating and cooling systems for process control from -150 up to 400 °C

Heat Transfer Systems
Process Cooling Systems
Secondary Circuit Systems


Ultracool Industrial Chillers
Process circulation chillers for industrial applications with cooling capacities up to 265 kW at working temperatures from -5 up to 25 °C in ambient conditions from -15 up to 50 °C