Certified Demo Equipment at Special Discounted Pricing

LAUDA is the premier manufacturer of constant temperature equipment and instrumentation. Our products provide precise temperature control, with accuracies of 0.005 °C, from -100 °C to +400 °C with up to 400 kW of cooling capacity. Take advantage of this current offer featuring select Certified Demonstration Equipment at great discounts (for select serial numbers only). All Certified Demonstration Equipment from LAUDA comes complete with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We have a wide range of demonstration inventory available. Check it out and see if one fits your application needs. Don’t waste time, order now before they sell out!

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Available Discounted Products

Article Number Description
LMT 845 Bubble Pressure Tensiometer MPT C 100-240V 50/60Hz
LCD 4288 ECO ET 15 S 115V 60Hz
LCM 4097 ECO ET 6 G 115V 60Hz
LCK 0864 ECOLINE RE 106 230V 50/60Hz
L001962 LAUDA Additional coolers ETK 50 230V 60Hz
LCB 4723 LAUDA Aqualine AL 2 115V 60Hz
LCB 4724 LAUDA Aqualine AL 5 115V 60Hz
LWP 812 LAUDA Integral XT 150 208-220V 60Hz
L002010 LAUDA LOOP L 100 100V -240V 50/60Hz US Plug
L002011 LAUDA LOOP L 250 240V 50/60Hz US Plug
L002011 LAUDA LOOP L 250 240V 50/60Hz US Plug
L002011 LAUDA LOOP L 250 240V 50/60Hz US Plug
LWM 422 LAUDA Microcool MC 1200W 115V 60Hz
L000546 LAUDA PRO P 10 115V 60Hz
L000550 LAUDA PRO P 10 C 115V 60Hz
L000046 LAUDA PRO P 10 C 230V 50/60Hz
L000553 LAUDA PRO P 2 EC 115V 60Hz
L000551 LAUDA PRO P 20 C 115V 60Hz
LCBA8007 LAUDA Proline P 5 C Editon X 208-220V 60Hz
LCK 8889 LAUDA Proline RP 3530 208-220V 60Hz
LCK 4910 LAUDA RE 415 S 115V 60Hz
LMV 812 LAUDA Viscometer PVS 1/2 E 230V 50/60Hz
LMR 911 LAUDA Viscosity rinsing module VRM 4
LUK 346 + LWZ 080 Proline Kryomat RP 3090 CW (w/LWZ080) 230V 50/60Hz
LCB 4708 Proline P 5 115V 60Hz
LCB 4709 Proline P5C 115V 60Hz
LSC 4383 Proline P8 w/updated pump chamber 115V
LMTZ831 PTT Thermostating & Stirring Block 100-240V; 50/60
L001255 RE 2025 S (230V/50Hz)
LMT 850 Tensiometer TD 3
LWG 387 VC 10000 W 208-220V 60Hz
LCD 4296 Viscotemp 15S 115V 60Hz
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