Lauda-Brinkmann Service and Tech Support

As a full provider of service and technical support throughout the North America, we will inspect and repair all of your LAUDA instruments. Despite the condition, we make every effort to ensure that your LAUDA product is repaired and operational, according to the original performance specifications. LAUDA products are widely known to perform, with a low cost of ownership, for many years after first installation. It’s not rare to see LAUDA products fully operational, even in the harshest of applications, for 20 years or longer, so we have made the commitment to maintain local inventory levels on service components and spare parts for many of our products.

LAUDA offers repair services at our in-house service center, located in New Jersey, or on-site at your facility. Availability of service components, spare parts and the instrument model may have an impact on our ability to perform on-site service. Don’t hesitate to contact LAUDA for service rates and availability at (856) 764-7300 ext. 2 or via e-mail at

LAUDA Preventative Maintenance Packages

At the forefront of LAUDA’s product development and manufacturing, you’ll find quality, craftsmanship and durability. We understand that our customers, such as those working in API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturing environments, rely on LAUDA to provide durable product performance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week — their work, company reputation and livelihoods depend on it. LAUDA offers fully customizable and standard Preventative Maintenance Packages that help to ensure your LAUDA instruments are looked after and maintained so that they live up to your expectations.

All Preventative Maintenance Packages Include:

Refrigeration System
Suction and discharge pressure verified and customer informed of results. Filter exchanged as needed. Inlet and outlet valves on instrument checked for obstructions.
Electrical System
Power consumption verified. Instrument electrical system checked for moisture in key critical operating areas to prevent catastrophic fail of system. Check power consumption of pump.
Condenser cleaned. Water tank cleaned, copper tubing inside cleaned to prevent improper heat exchange. Heater(s), if applicable; fiber optics, if applicable, also inspected and cleaned. All electronics properly cleaned with ESD sensitive materials. Water tank must be drained prior to LAUDA technician arriving on-site to complete the Preventative Maintenance service. Draining of water tank is not included in the scope of Preventative Maintenance service.
Detailed Reporting
A complete report, to include any potential faults with the equipment, will be provided along with an estimate to repair if needed.
Your instrument will be tested to ensure proper functionality.

LAUDA Extended Warranty Packages

LAUDA products come complete with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The standard terms of the two-year manufacturer’s warranty includes parts and service labor. LAUDA offers Extended Warranty Packages that provide you with additional security and reassurance that any operational matters, which may arise after the second year of installation, are fully-covered and insured against failure. Terms of the Extended Warranty Package include an extension of two year in length, and may be initiated at the time of purchase or prior to expiration of the initial warranty period.

Price: 10% of Published List Price for respective LAUDA instrument