LAUDA Catalog (22 MB)

LAUDA Accessories (4.4 MB)

LAUDA Heat Transfer Liquids (2.2 MB)


LAUDA Biotechnology Brochure (4.9 MB)

Temperature contol solutions for biotechnology

LAUDA Ultratemp Brochure (1.3 MB)

High-performance temperature control for biotechnology and pharmaceutical engineering

LAUDA Integral T and XT Brochure (3.2 MB)

Process thermostats for professional external thermostating across a wide temperature range from -90 up to 300 °C

LAUDA Ultracool Industrial Chillers Brochure (1.7 MB)

Energy-efficient process circulation chillers from −10 to 35 °C

LAUDA HKS Brochure (9.5 MB)

LAUDA Cooling Thermostats (2.3 MB)

Product line: Alpha, ECO, PRO, and Proline Kryomats

LAUDA Heating Thermostat (3.1 MB)

Product line: Alpha, ECO, PRO, Proline bridge thermostat, Proline clear-view thermostat

LAUDA Circulation and Process Thermostat (3.5 MB)

Product line: LOOP, PRO, Integral T, Integral XT, Microcool, Kryoheater Selecta, LAUDA-Noah Semistat

LAUDA Waterbaths (1.9 MB)

Product line: HYDRO water bath, HYDRO shaking water bath, HYDRO vapirozation water bath, HYDRO tissue float bath

LAUDA Circulation Chillers (2.5 MB)

Product line: Microcool, Variociool, Ultracool

LAUDA Calibration thermostats Brochure (1.5 MB)

Calibration and adjustment with LAUDA calibration thermostats at temperatures from -40 up to 300 °C

LAUDA Temperature Control Solutions (1.4 MB)

Automotive Industry

LAUDA Constant Temperature Solutions for the Hydrogen Industry (2.8 MB)

Hydrogen Industry

LAUDA Thermoelectric Process Thermostats (1 MB)

The Complete Spectrum of Perfect Thermstatic Temperature Control

LAUDA Shakers (1 MB)

The LAUDA Varioshake product line comprises ten shakers in three sizes with five different shaking motions, as well as three shaking incubators in three sizes with one shaking motion. 

LAUDA Stills (1 MB)

Product line: Puridest

LAUDA Versafreeze (1.8 MB)

Ultra Low Freezers from 0 to -85 °C – high temperature stability, low cold losses and lower energy consumption as a result of high-quality insulation with vacuum insulation panels, foam and insulation foil

LAUDA Scientific Measuring Instruments Brochure

LAUDA Demo Equipment Flyer (245 KB)


LAUDA Warranty and Preventative Maintenance Flyer

Energy-Efficient Cooling for Industrial Systems and Machines


LAUDA Service (1.3 MB)

A overview of our services

LAUA Service Packages (595 KB)

Custom services for top performance

LAUDA Ultracool Chillers Warranty and Preventative Maintenance Flyer (216 KB)


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