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Thanks to their excellent insulating properties, LAUDA Versafreeze deep-freezers guarantee safe storage of vaccines, organic substances, or valuable samples in a temperature range of up to -85°C.

LAUDA Versafreeze upright freezers and chest freezers put quality and safe storage at the forefront through high-quality components, energy-efficient and sustainable refrigeration technology. They can also be customized and fitted on request to ensure maximum safety and performance.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Excellent temperature stability, short pull-down and maximum thawing times for high sample reliability
  • High-quality components by renowned brand manufacturers
  • Excellent temperature homogeneity and temperature stability
  • Sustainable cooling technology thanks to efficient and natural refrigerants
  • Modern, intuitive and safe operation and monitoring and control independently of the location and appliance via LAUDA Cloud
LAUDA Versafreeze Freezer

Application examples:

Research and development laboratories

  • Cryopreservation, e. g. of viruses
  • Quality assurance


  • Material testing
  • Shrinkage


  • Cryopreservation
  • Long-term storage of stem cell cultures

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Low temperature storage of vaccines
  • Long term shortage of reference samples


  • Material testing
  • Environmental simulation

Download a PDF of our Versafreez brochure:

LAUDA Versafreeze Brochure

LAUDA Versafreeze Brochure (1.9 MB)

Working Temp Min.

Working temperature min.

-85 °C
Working Temp Max.

Working temperature max.

-50 °C

High-quality components

Whether vacuum panels from va-Q-tec, compressors from Embraco or controllers from Störk – LAUDA Versafreeze is built with quality and reliability in mind.


Secure storage

LAUDA Versafreeze provides the greatest possible security for your samples, even in a power cut, thanks to long warm-up times. The integrated accumulator maintains the actual temperature display and alarm functions for a period of up to 60 hours.


Excellent insulation properties

LAUDA Versafreeze represents high-performance insulation technology. Vacuum panels, impermeable polyurethane foam insulation and thermal film enable efficient energy consumption, high temperature stability, short pull-down times and maximum warm-up times.


Excellent temperature distribution

LAUDA Versafreeze offers outstanding temperature homogeneity and consistency and guarantees the secure storage of sensitive products throughout the entire freezer space.


State-of-the-art controls – IOT-ready

The modern, capacitive touch display offers intuitive navigation with various configuration options, a data logger, password-protected user access and secure monitoring via the LAUDA Cloud.


Sustainable refrigeration technology

LAUDA Versafreeze comes with the advantage of efficient and sustainable refrigeration technology. As the world’s first manufacturer of deep-freezers to use natural refrigerants, LAUDA-GFL has been setting standards in the storage of sensitive pharmaceutical products since 2008.

LAUDA Versafreeze insulation


For safe storage of pharmaceuticals and valuable samples

LAUDA Versafreeze freezers use a high-quality combination of vacuum panels, thermofoil and polyurethane insulation to protect against heating. This enables economical energy consumption, excellent temperature homogeneity and consistency, and short pull-down and maximum warm-up times.


Optimized for the extreme requirements of ultra-low temperature storage

LAUDA Versafreeze chest freezers offer state-of-the-art refrigeration technology with a temperature range of 0 to -85 °C, excellent insulation properties and the greatest possible protection thanks to password-protected access rights and secure monitoring via the LAUDA Cloud. LAUDA Versafreeze freezers are the safe storage place for your valuable samples and pharmaceuticals.

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Versafreeze Chest Freezers

Technical features VF 20040 C VF 55040 C VF 75040 C VF 20085 C VF 55085 C VF 75085 C
Select to compare:
Working temperature min. °C -40 -40 -40 -86 -86 -86
Working temperature max. °C 0 0 0 -50 -50 -50
Usable volume L 205 556 754 205 556 754
Cooling time to -86 °C/-40 °C h 3 4 5 3 4 5
Warm up time -86C/-40C to 0C h 6 10 10 11 19 19
Interior Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 790 x 520 x 500 1180 x 620 x 760 1600 x 620 x 760 790 x 520 x 500 1180 x 620 x 760 1600 x 620 x 760
Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 960 x 790 x 1130 1671 x 910 x 1056 2102 x 910 x 1056 960 x 790 x 1130 1671 x 910 x 1056 2102 x 910 x 1056
Weight kg 188 260 310 210 280 332
Cat. No. 115 V; 60 Hz L003394 L003395 L003396 L003397 L003398 L003399

Versafreeze Upright Freezers

Technical features VF 15040 VF 60040 VF 70040 VF 15085 VF 60085 VF 70085
Select to compare:
Working temperature min. °C -40 -40 -40 -86 -86 -86
Working temperature max. °C 0 0 0 -50 -50 -50
Usable volume L 129 583 731 129 583 731
Cooling time to -86 °C/-40 °C h 5 6 7 5 6 7
Warm up time -86C/-40C to 0C h 12 17 13 18 27 25
Interior Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 480 x 480 x 560 738 x 600 x 1320 738 x 750 x 1320 480 x 480 x 560 738 x 600 x 1320 738 x 750 x 1320
Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 904 x 776 x 865 980 x 956 x 1965 980 x 1165 x 1965 904 x 776 x 865 980 x 956 x 1965 980 x 1165 x 1965
Weight kg 128 334 345 162 356 370
Cat. No. 115 V; 60 Hz L003400 L003401 L003402 L003403 L003404 L003405

CO2 or LN2 safety cooling

A power failure or device defect can result in thawing of valuable material sample and vaccines. Safety cooling protects against uncontrolled rises in temperature, by keeping the temperature in the freezer space constant at a freely definable value (0 to -70 ºC) using a controlled supply of LN2 or CO2. LAUDA Versafreeze deep-freezers are optionally available with safety cooling systems for refrigerants CO2 or LN2. LN2 is used if the storage materials cannot be allowed to come into contact with CO2. LAUDA Versafreeze safety cooling systems feature an integrated accumulator, which supplies the safety cooling system and alarm module with power.
LAUDA Versafreeze Safety Cooling
LAUDA Versafreeze Water Cooling

Water Cooling

For operation on central water cooling and heat exchange systems, LAUDA also supplies deep-freezers in a water-cooled version. Instead of an air-cooled condenser, a heat exchanger is installed. It significantly reduces the heat emitted by the appliance into the ambient air, while expanding the permissible ambient temperature range. The water supply is controlled via the deep freezer.
LAUDA Versafreeze Water Cooling

Set of drawers for upright freezers

Instead of compartments with doors, the freezer space of the deep-freezer can be equipped with a set of drawers. These drawers are made of stainless steel and feature front panels made of 10-mm thick polystyrene insulating plates. Ball bearings and guide rails guarantee effortless, tilt-proof opening and closing.

Factory Certificate

The factory certificate documents the spatial and temporal temperature stability of the specific LAUDA Versafreeze deep-freezer in detail. All the required measuring data is measured at the factory using a calibrated measuring device and archived long-term. This appliance-specific certificate can be used by customers to verify the quality of the deep freezer and storage conditions if they have to comply with the special approval guidelines of the American FDA.

LAUDA Storage System

Optimal utilization of the usable volume can be achieved using racks for boxes, microtiter plates and DeepWell plates. The racks, made of stainless steel, are weight-saving and ergonomic. They ensure secure and well-organized storage of all sample materials. The capacities of the sample storage boxes are variable and can be adapted to different requirements. Three box heights and four grid dividers ensure optimal adaptation to different storage vessels. The boxes are made of cardboard with hydrophobic coating.

Data Logger

The battery-operated logger is used for external monitoring and recording of the interior temperature. The magnetically fixable data logger has a PT1000 temperature probe with a three-meter cable, which is fed into the freezer space via the device’s integrated feedthrough. The data logger has an adjustable limit value monitor with an acoustic alarm and offers a memory for up to 60,000 measured values with recording intervals from 1 sec to 24h (adjustable). The data logger is configured, and the data is read out directly on a PC using the USB cable supplied. Optionally, the data logger can be calibrated at a customer-specific temperature, and the calibration is verified with a certificate.