LAUDA, the world market leader for constant temperature equipment and systems for precise temperature generation, has extended its laboratory technology product range with the LAUDA Puridest stills product line. The devices with the ‘GFL Technology‘ quality mark produce an ultra-pure, low-gas, sterile and pyrogen-free distillate with very low conductivity. Puridest stills are used in bacteriological and medical sample preparation and also in the preparation of cell and tissue cultures. They are also used for cleaning and sterilization processes, buffer solutions and microbiological and analytical applications. The distillate complies with the DAB regulations and the specifications of international pharmacopoeias. LAUDA Puridest stills also distill raw water of lower quality, separate pollutants, and reliably kill germs such as bacteria and viruses. 


Low-maintenance and easy to use

LAUDA Puridest stills are available throughout the world in four high-performance product lines with 14 single- or two-stage model variants in the form of stainless steel or glass stills. Depending on the model, the devices are equipped with a storage tank and produce 2 to 12 liters of distillate per hour with conductivities down to below 1.6 µS/cm. Apart from their reliability and extremely long service life, LAUDA Puridest stills are characterized by their simple handling in the daily work in the laboratory. The stills are extremely easy to commission and operate. The ultra-pure water can be extracted directly after connection to the raw water and power supply. The devices are maintenance-free, because the glass stills automatically remove pollutants. 


LAUDA Puridest stills with the “GFL Technology” quality mark

Decades of experience and technical development have set the standard: LAUDA Puridest stills are developed and manufactured by LAUDA-GFL. The company has been a member of the LAUDA group since December 31st, 2018 and is known throughout the world as a premium manufacturer of reliable laboratory technology. The use of the “GFL Technology” quality mark means that LAUDA is continuing the tradition of the GFL brand, which has been renowned for its quality and reliability in laboratories worldwide for more than 50 years.


Pure water: The Art of Distillation

Distillation is an effective and reliable way of producing pure water. The distinctive feature of distillation is that it only requires the input of energy. Compared with other auxiliary materials, such as absorbents or solvents, energy has the major advantage that it can be easily supplied to a system and removed again. As a result, stills require minimum maintenance. They are maintenance-free apart from regular cleaning. Distilled water, also referred to as aqua dest (lat. aqua destillata), is produced when steam condenses. This “pure water” is approx. 99.5 percent free of salts, organic substances, microorganisms, pyrogens and bacteria.