LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG has received a major order for hydrogen technology. The world market leader will provide around 20 process cooling units for a French manufacturer of hydrogen filling stations. These will be responsible for an essential part of the refueling process – cooling the hydrogen to -40 °C – as part of the application. The filling stations will be used throughout Europe. LAUDA is stepping up its activities in the field of hydrogen technology in order to provide customers with urgently needed temperature control expertise and to make an active contribution to environmental protection. The production of green hydrogen is one of the key technologies for a successful energy turnaround.


LAUDA will manufacture industrial process cooling units of the type SUK 350 as well as industrial circulation chillers from the LAUDA Ultracool product line for the French customer. Delivery of the systems will be completed by the end of June 2022. The process cooling units will be used to cool the hydrogen pumped into the vehicle tank under high pressure with a short-term high cooling capacity. The process cooling unit provides a peak cooling capacity of 40 kW at -40 °C and was especially designed for use in hydrogen filling stations. The LAUDA Ultracool circulation chillers, which have been specially optimized for this application, are used simultaneously for cooling a high-pressure hydrogen compressor to a constant temperature of -18 °C.


The demand for professional hydrogen cooling is growing

“The order from our French partner is a clear indication for us that temperature control solutions from LAUDA are a critical high technology in the development of a functional and safe hydrogen logistics system,” says Dr. Gunther Wobser, President and CEO of LAUDA. “We have significantly increased our activities in this area in recent years and see a lot of potential for precise temperature control technology from LAUDA there.”


“We can offer the experience gained from more than 60 years of system engineering, and many customers appreciate that,” adds Alfred Semrau, managing director for Heating and Cooling Systems. “In addition to electrolysis and hydrogen refueling – two fields in which equipment and systems from us are already in operation – there are many other applications for energy-efficient cooling in the hydrogen sector. We are very much looking forward to working with our customers to develop many other exciting solutions.”