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Laboratory and industrial-scale temperature control from -100 to 400 °C

LAUDA is the worldwide leading manufacturer of constant temperature equipment and instrumentation. For common laboratory applications, researchers may choose from a variety of thermostats, circulation chillers and water baths that provide reliable, precise and reproducible temperature control solutions. Customers, such as those that require significant heating and cooling resources for process, scale-up or facility-wide thermostating, have come to rely on the HKS Industrial Heating & Cooling Systems and UltraCool Series of Process Chillers.

A firm commitment to consultation and interaction, throughout the scope of the specification process, ensures that your constant temperature requirements are met with the appropriate and most cost-effective solution.

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LAUDA Energy Saving Stars

Energy Saving Star

LAUDA cooling thermostats with electronic expansion valves regulate refrigeration with the utmost precision and only use the minimum amount of energy required. This reduces costs and helps with environmental conservation efforts. Our energy-efficient thermostats are shown with the “Energy Saving Star“ label.

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Play Lauda Loop VideoIntroducing the new LAUDA LOOP! Compact thermo-electric circulation thermostats for applications at constant temperature from 4 to 80 °C.

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