Cooling thermostat

LAUDA ECO RE 1050 G Cooling thermostat

Cat. No. 115 V; 60 Hz : L001444
Cat. No. 220 V; 60 Hz : L001416


  • Thermostatic bath/circulator with latest microprocessor technology and integrated cooling system
  • Colored TFT display for simultaneous indication of actual and set values and grafic illustration of the temperature profile
  • Clear text menu navigation
  • Easy input via cursor and soft keys
  • Fully electronic continuous controller with PID action
  • Safety class III for operation with flammable and non-flammable liquids. Over-temperature cut-out adjustable via menu
  • Vario pump with six adjustable performance levels
  • Easy control of the flow rate between internal and external circulation during operation without contact with the bath
  • USB interface as standard
  • Upgradeable with an interface module (analogue module, contact module, RS 232/485 module, Profibus)
  • Upgradeable with Pt 100/LiBus module for external control and remote control via Command console
  • Integrated programmer with max. 150 segments, splitable in 5 programmes
  • Pump connectors as standard
  • Bath vessel made from stainless steel with drain valve
  • Energy saving SmartCool system
  • Condenser cooling Air

Technical data (according to DIN 12876)

Product LAUDA ECO RE 1050 G
Working temperature max. °C 200
Working temperature min. °C -50
Temperature stability ±K 0.02
Safety Fittings III, FL
Heater power max. kW 1.3
Cooling output at 20 °C kW 0.7
Cooling output at 0 °C kW 0.6
Cooling output at -20 °C kW 0.35
Cooling output at -30 °C kW 0.19
Cooling output at -40 °C kW 0.1
Cooling output at -50 °C kW 0.02
Pump Type V
Pump pressure max. bar 0.6
Pump flow max. L/min 22
Pump connection thread mm M16x1
Bath volume L 10
Bath opening (WxD) mm 200x200
Bath depth mm 160
Usable depth mm 140
Height top of bath mm 443
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 280x440x624
Weight kg 35.0
Loading max. kW 1.4

Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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