True to the motto of “lifelong learning”, the new LAUDA Academy was officially opened in July as part of the annual World Jour Fixe together with the business managers of LAUDA’s twelve foreign subsidiaries and the management and employees of our headquarters in Lauda-Königshofen. In addition to in-house training and customer training, core elements of LAUDA’s new field of activity are cooperation and networking with colleges, universities, associations and other institutions, as well as further exploration of topics such as health, nutrition and work-life balance. “The LAUDA Academy will prepare us to meet future challenges and support us in recognizing your potential,” said Dr. Gunther Wobser, managing director of LAUDA – which celebrated its 60-year company anniversary last year – as well as the conceiver and initator for the company’s in-house academy. “The confidence that future issues will present us with more opportunity than uncertainty can only develop if these issues as well as proposed solutions are known,” he emphasized in his opening speech. This will be the essential task of the academy, which the managing director also referred to as the cornerstone for future development.