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LAUDA acquires GFL

LAUDA acquires GFL

LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG has announced the acquisition of GFL Gesellschaft für Labortechnik mbH today. This is the third takeover in total for the world market leader from Lauda-Königshofen. While the previous acquisitions primarily served to open up new business areas in the industrial environment, LAUDA intends to expand its competencies in the field of laboratory technology with GFL.

Traditional company with more than 50 years of experience

GFL is a German premium manufacturer and currently employs around 50 employees. With this strategically important acquisition, LAUDA has increased its sales to around EUR 90 million and its workforce to 500 employees.

GFL has been known as a manufacturer of laboratory equipment for more than 50 years and is active in over 150 countries. The portfolio of the company, headquartered in Burgwedel in the northeast of Hanover, includes deep-freeze appliances, water baths, shaking water baths, water distillers, incubators and shakers. Users can be found in research, routine and special laboratories in medicine, science and industry. All of GSL's devices are developed and produced in Germany. The two managing partners of the company, Ulrike Mischel and Dieter Bubel, will remain with the company until mid-2019 to ensure a smooth transition and successful integration. All GFL employees should be taken on by LAUDA.

With the acquisition of GFL, LAUDA aims to expand its existing product range as the world market leader for temperature control units and systems and to expand LAUDA's product technology capabilities in sheet metal processing, for example. GFL, for its part, will benefit from LAUDA's strong international distribution network.

Experience in the acquisition of companies

A positive example of a successful takeover and integration is the LAUDA Ultracool company near Barcelona/Spain, which LAUDA acquired in 2011 and whose integration into the LAUDA Group has been extremely successful. In 2018, the Spanish subsidiary, which specializes in the development and manufacture of high-precision industrial circulation chillers, is heading for a record result. In 2014, LAUDA acquired Noah Precision (now LAUDA-Noah), a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric Peltier thermostats on the west coast of the USA.

"With the devices from GFL, we are consistently developing our product range further and strengthening our portfolio in the field of laboratory technology. With our strong sales organization and the LAUDA brand, known worldwide for temperature control, we will continue to drive growth and underscore our position as the world market leader in our industry," says Dr. Gunther Wobser, President and CEO of LAUDA. "We are very much looking forward to welcoming the GFL employees personally to the LAUDA family and will be expanding the Burgwedel site in a targeted manner."

World market leader for precise temperature control celebrates ten-year anniversary in North America

Lauda-Brinkmann celebrates it's 10 year anniversary

The team of LAUDA-Brinkmann at the celebration of the tenth
anniversary. The President and CEO of LAUDA, Dr. Gunther Wobser
(2nd from right), together with the CEO of LAUDA-Brinkmann,
Michael Faulkner (3rd from right).

Lauda-Königshofen, September 17, 2018 – For LAUDA, the world's leading manufacturer of temperature control units and systems, there are many reasons to celebrate this September. The foreign subsidiary LAUDA-Brinkmann founded in 2008 celebrates its tenth anniversary. The celebrations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, included high-ranking representatives of the headquarters, including the President and CEO, Dr. Gunther Wobser.

The success story of the LAUDA company in the United States began ten years ago in the town of Delran, New Jersey, just a few miles from Philadelphia. On September 1, 2008, after only a few months of preparation, the world market leader for precise temperature control announced the opening of the wholly-owned foreign subsidiary, LAUDA-Brinkmann LP. The company originated from Brinkmann Instruments. The distributor of high-quality laboratory equipment had already been acting as a loyal partner of LAUDA in the USA since 1965, but surprisingly discontinued the business. Starting with twelve employees, LAUDA-Brinkmann has overseen the entire North American market for temperature control equipment and systems for industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive or aerospace for more than ten years. LAUDA-Brinkmann now employs 17 specialists, including four service technicians. The partnership with a North American service provider and its more than 1,000 field service technicians for the USA and Canada guarantees the. comprehensive and extensive support of LAUDA customers.

“The first ten years of LAUDA Brinkmann has passed in the blink of an eye”, says Michael Faulkner, General Manager & CEO of LAUDA-Brinkmann who has been on board since the launch in 2008. “During that time, we’ve focused on diversification, through our product offering, the markets we sell into and the overall skill sets possessed within the LAUDA Brinkmann team.” Michael Faulkner looks to the future with great optimism. The company will continue to grow worldwide together with the LAUDA Group, he is certain.

The portfolio of LAUDA-Brinkmann has been continuously expanded over the years and now covers the entire spectrum of temperature control, from water baths to the in the US well-accepted process thermostats of the Integral line and the very successful Ultracool circulation chillers. Since this year, the distribution of the thermoelectric thermostats from the US subsidiary LAUDA-Noah has been taken over. In 2015, LAUDA-Brinkmann expanded further and opened another location for the West Coast in Morgan Hill, California.

“For ten years, LAUDA-Brinkmann has strengthened our presence in the USA. What emerged in an incredibly short time in 2008 as a result of the sudden business closure of Brinkmann Instruments has become our most important distribution company over the years” says Dr. Gunther Wobser, who is also President of LAUDA Brinkmann. “We are proud of what our American colleagues are doing every day and look forward to the future together.”

Opening of the new LAUDA Academy

Dr. Gunther Wobser opens the new LAUDA Academy

As part of the World Jour Fixe, Managing Director Dr. Gunther
Wobser opens the new LAUDA Academy.

True to the motto of "lifelong learning", the new LAUDA Academy was officially opened in July as part of the annual World Jour Fixe together with the business managers of LAUDA’s twelve foreign subsidiaries and the management and employees of our headquarters in Lauda-Königshofen. In addition to in-house training and customer training, core elements of LAUDA’s new field of activity are cooperation and networking with colleges, universities, associations and other institutions, as well as further exploration of topics such as health, nutrition and work-life balance. "The LAUDA Academy will prepare us to meet future challenges and support us in recognizing your potential," said Dr. Gunther Wobser, managing director of LAUDA – which celebrated its 60-year company anniversary last year – as well as the conceiver and initator for the company’s in-house academy. "The confidence that future issues will present us with more opportunity than uncertainty can only develop if these issues as well as proposed solutions are known," he emphasized in his opening speech. This will be the essential task of the academy, which the managing director also referred to as the cornerstone for future development.


Meeting of the Global LAUDA Leadership Team - June 2016

Every year President & CEO Dr. Gunther Wobser (outside right) invites the leadership
of foreign LAUDA companies to a strategy meeting with the LAUDA management
held at the headquarters in Lauda-Königshofen.

Best future prospects for the world leading manufacturer of Constant temperature equipment and systems

The international business leaders of what are meanwhile twelve foreign corporations already met last week at the fourth LAUDA World Jour Fixe, the annual management meeting. Together with the German management team in the headquarters in Lauda-Königshofen, the participants presented and discussed both the former business developments and also comprehensive future projects. The extensive exchange of information here also served to particularly intensify the collaboration with the foreign corporations active in the world market and included workshops to bring new topics from the areas of sales and marketing communication onto the comprehensive agenda.

"An intensive and trustful communication culture at all levels is one of the LAUDA key success factors, which we place great value on. This annual event provides solid evidence of this. In this, our 60th anniversary year, we can even expand our international network further with two new foreign corporations in Brazil and Spain and emphasize our leading position in the world market. We see ourselves as well prepared for the future and will also keep doing everything possible to continue our successful path," explains Dr. Gunther Wobser, President & CEO at LAUDA.

An evening meal in the stylish ambient of the vineyard, the opening of the new art exhibit at the LAUDA factory gallery, and the joint visit to the drupa, the world's largest professional trade show for printing media in Düsseldorf, successfully rounded out this effective and intensive work week.

LAUDA celebrates its 60 year company anniversary - April 2016

LAUDA celebrates its 60 year company anniversary.

At the beginning of March, LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG in Lauda-Königshofen has a special reason to celebrate: The company, which was founded on March 1 1956, has its 60th. anniversary. Whilst this special historical occurrence of the recurring anniversary today will be celebrated exclusively with the staff on site, there are celebrations planned for the fall including a wider circle and in a public framework.

Exactly six decades ago, Dr. Rudolf Wobser founded the measuring devices factory LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER KG in Lauda, and, in the initial years, he was able quickly to establish the company on the market, especially with innovations of new types of laboratory thermostats in a building-block system and with refrigerating thermostats with mechanical cooling. Some of the other pioneering innovations included industrial systems (1964), measuring devices (1967) and the first thermostats in the world with micro-processor technology (1982).

Based on the ever more comprehensive product range, the company changed its trading name from the founding name to the current name, LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG in 1989, under which additional new developments and innovations took place, along with steps to extend the available market, for example, the first circulation chiller (1994), the LAUDA Ecoline (1997) and the product category of process thermostats for processing technology at the turn of the millennium.


Groundbreaking at LAUDA for new office building - April 2016

Groundbreaking at LAUDA for new office building

There were two occasions for particular enjoyment at LAUDA in just one week. After the company was able to celebrate its 60-year existence with the entire staff on March 1, 2016, a groundbreaking ceremony followed two days later for a new administration building with offices and conference rooms.

The new construction expands on the existing administrative wing by adding on to the production hall which was newly built in 2013. "The groundbreaking and expansion must be seen in the context of our own site development program "STEP", explained President & CEO Dr. Gunther Wobser and COO Dr. Marc Stricker on the occasion of the official groundbreaking ceremony attended by a large number of invited guests, including Mayor Thomas Maertens, Architect Klaus Schreiner, the Managing Directors of the Faul und Bethäuser construction company, Herbert Bethäuser and Norbert Groß, Elmar Löffler, Regional Director of Sparkasse Tauberfranken, and LAUDA Advisor and Shareholder Dr. Gerhard Wobser and Shareholder Christine Koschker.

LAUDA has been using "STEP" to gradually modernize from the inside out for around ten years already. This has included such things as a reorganization of the logistics and production processes of high-quality devices and systems to enable the company to remain a world market leader at optimal costs in the future. As a first step, a newly built production hall for heating and cooling systems was officially opened in September, 2008. Following the strengthening of pre-existing areas, particularly the premises of the former powder coating system, the next step was the construction of a new logistics center and the new "B 11" production hall, including a connecting structure between them, completed from December 2011 to December 2013 on a surface area totaling around 2800 square meters.


LAUDA Procures Specialist in Thermo-electric Thermostating - September 2014

Dr. Gunther Wobser (left) and Peter Adams see large growth potential in the
area of thermo-electric thermostating technology.

Lauda-Königshofen, Sept. 20, 2014 - With the acquisition of Noah Precision, the global leader in the manufacture of constant temperature equipment, systems and measuring instruments has landed a strategic coup. “Over the last few years, we have come to recognize the increasing importance of thermo-electric constant temperature con-trol,” explains LAUDA's managing director, Dr. Gunther Wobser, “and we see large growth potential in the area of this thermostating technology.”

LAUDA-Noah, as is the name of the newest LAUDA subsidiary, develops and produces thermostating equipment whose functionality is based on the so-called Peltier effect. The distinguishing features of these devices are their compact size and low weight. Since the thermostating is generated by sending a current through a semi-conductor, simply reversing the polarity of the electric current direction means that both heating and cooling are possible in the smallest of spaces. In addition, the thermo-electric constant temperature equipment does not require any refrigerants, some of which can be damaging to the environment or combustible.


LAUDA Circulation Chillers

Integral XT Brochure

LAUDA circulation chillers always provide the right temperature for external applications, enusring maximum security and uptime for your personal application, whether it be bioreactors, analytical equipment, industrial machinery or rotary evaporators.

Air-cooled or water-cooled, with cooling capacities ranging from 250 W to 265 kW and for temperatures ranging between -20 to +80 °C, they are a match for any requirement: From simple and basic applications to demanding thermostating tasks in the laboratory or on the production floor and all the way to the cooling of industrial machinery. Long lasting and extremely robust, LAUDA chillers rarely need to take a break for maintenance. At the same time, they are very economical and help to prevent the waste of facility water each and every day.

Click here to download our brochure or learn more here.

Integral XT Brochure

New LAUDA - the big one Overall Brochure 2013/2014 - January 2013

The New LAUDA- the big one Overall Brochure is now available online or in hard-copy format. This 119 page comprehensive reference tool includes detailed technical data, product specifications, application examples and accessory ordering information. Click here to download your free copy, or contact us to request a bound version.

LAUDA Viscocool 6

LAUDA enhances Viscothermostat offering - December 2012

LAUDA has expanded its range of Viscothermostats for manual and automatic viscometry. With this latest addition of thermostats, we have closed the gap between the economical ECO ET polycarbonate transparent baths and the powerful Proline PV viscothermostats. The new Viscotemp series supplements the robust, tried-and-tested stainless steel Viscothermostats with its excellent price-performance ratio. A first in its class, the Viscocool 6, has a small bath volu­me, an integrated Peltier cooling system, built-in lighting and a compact, space-saving design.

With the innovative use of Peltier technology, external cooling is not necessary in order to maintain the often required 20 or 25 °C conditions. The integrated Peltier cooling guaran­tees an operating temperature range of up to 15 °C below room temperature. Of course, all of LAUDA‘s Viscothermostats meet the high requirements of the international standards of viscosity measurement.

Integral XT Brochure

New Measuring Instrument Brochure & Application Guide - December 2012

The New Measuring Instruments Brochure & Application Guide for Analysis of Oils, Polymers and Plastics is now available online or in hard-copy format. This 67 page comprehensive reference tool includes detailed technical data, product specifications, application examples and accessory ordering information. Click here to download your free copy, or visit to request a bound version.

LAUDA featured in ‘Made in Germany—The Business Magazine’ - November 2012

Dr. Gunther Wobser, President & CEO of the LAUDA Group, and his family lend their thoughts on the opportunities that come along with an investment in the foreign manufacturing facility in Terrassa, Spain—a suburb of Barcelona. With the fiscal crisis and employment problems throughout southern Europe, particularly in Spain and Portugal, foreign firms are buying into a talented work force and benefiting from their contributions on a global scale.

CLICK HERE to view video

LAUDA Runs to Benefit Homes for Our Troops® - September, 2012

On September 8th, LAUDA-Brinkmann participated in the 4th Annual 5K Run & Walk to Benefit Homes for Our Troops®. This marks the third consecutive year that LAUDA-Brinkmann has supported this charitable cause with time, effort and monetary donations.

LAUDA-Brinkmann was the Silver Sponsor this year and also helped to provide supplies for the Water & Refreshment Stations throughout the race course. With a team of 27 runners and walkers, plus non-registered children, LAUDA-Brinkmann raised a total of $1040 in support of the BLSJ Charitable Foundation and the organization Homes for our Troops®.

The BLSJ (Builders’ League of South Jersey) Charitable Foundation and Homes for Our Troops® are non-profit, independent organizations. The organization, Homes for Our Troops®, specializes in helping those who have selflessly given everything for our country and returned home to the United States with severe disabilities and injuries. The BLSJ (Builders League of South Jersey) assists seriously injured servicemen and women and their immediate families with financial donations, building materials, professional work and the co-ordination of constructing a new home or converting the existing home to be disabled-friendly. LAUDA-Brinkmann was recognized during the closing ceremonies of the event with the 2012 BLSJ Team Award.

Inaugural Event At New LAUDA Logistics Center - July, 2012

The new logistics center of the temperature specialist, LAUDA, received its grand opening on July 21st, during a summer party attended by more than 400 guests. In addition to the staff employed at the global headquarters in Lauda-Königshofen, more than 60 colleagues from the eight foreign branches were also present. Other guests included the LAUDA shareholders and the LAUDA sales representatives from Germany. Throughout the event, there were numerous live musical performances.

After construction, which lasted less than seven months, the new building will be ready for occupation by late August 2012. The modern building, which required a $2.85M USD (2.3 million Euro) investment, boasts poly-carbonate, translucent external walls and is situated at the center of the company compound. The new building serves as a central distribution point for raw material and other goods to the various product areas. As such, the process chain has been optimized by organizing the incoming goods for receiving inspection, storage, provision, material handling of parts to assembly and back, and the packaging of finished product through to dispatch. With an area of 8600 square feet (800 square meters) and a building height of 31 feet (9.7 meters), the new logistics center allows for stocking goods up to a height of 24 feet (7.5 meters) across a total of 1,150 different locations. The locations will be stocked and controlled by means of so-called “narrow aisle” trucks.

With the completed construction of the logistics center, the “STEP_3” milestone of the site development pro-gram has been achieved. The next construction phase, which will begin as early as September, includes the expansion of the production area. The expansion effort will increase existing production floor capacity by more than 17,220 square feet (1,600 square meters). The new production hall will then fully accommodate the as-sembly areas for constant temperature equipment and the measuring instruments. Also incorporated into the new production hall will be the service operations for constant temperature equipment.

LAUDA direct contact:

Dr. Gunther Wobser
Managing Director
Tel.: +49 (0)9343 503-112
Fax.: +49 (0)9343 503-4112


Integral XT Brochure

New LAUDA Integral XT Thermostat Brochure

The New Integral XT Thermostat Brochure is now available online or in hard-copy format. This 28 page comprehensive reference tool includes detailed technical data, product specifications, application examples and accessory ordering information. Click here to download your free copy, or visit to request a bound version.

Constant temperature equipment specialist LAUDA builds new logistics center

Left to right: Klaus Schreiner (architect), Herbert Bethäuser (managing director
Faul & Bethäuser), Gerhard Lang (works manager and company officer), Wolfgang
Reiner (executive board member Sparkasse Tauberfranken), Dr. Gunther Wobser
(managing director), Thomas Maertens (mayor), Dr. Gerhard Wobser (advisory
board and partner), Peter Thomè (managing director Dr. Schönheit and Partner)
and Elmar Löffler (regional director Sparkasse Tauberfranken).

The enormous increase in sales in recent years has necessitated an expansion of the LAUDA company premises. To this end, the breaking ground ceremony on December 15, 2011 laid the cornerstone for the construction of a new logistics center. This modern building with its semi-transparent, polycarbonate facade is being built in the middle of the company grounds. An investment sum of 2.3 million Euros ($3.04 million USD) has been earmarked for the initial construction phase. The new building should be ready for occupancy as early as July 2012 and is due to be inaugurated on July 20, 2012 within the scope of a grand summer fete with all of our employees.

Construction of the logistics center heralds the next phase of the 'STEP_3' (location development program) project. Located in the middle of the company grounds, the new building will supply material to various product areas. The process chain has been optimized by reorganizing incoming goods and incoming shipment inspection, warehousing, preparation, material transport of the parts to assembly and back, as well as the packaging of finished equipment for dispatch. Warehoused goods can be stored to the impressive height of 7.5 meters in a total of 1,150 storage bays over an 800-sqm area offering 9.70 meters of headroom. These storage bays are serviced by a so-called narrow aisle lift truck.

LAUDA acquires Donaldson’s circulation chiller business — January 24, 2011, Lauda-Königshofen, Germany

The world’s leading constant temperature specialist and Donaldson Company, Inc., one of the world’s most eminent manufacturers of filtration products and equipment, officially announced in Barcelona, Spain today the acquisition of Donaldson’s circulation chiller business by LAUDA. The former Donaldson chiller business, Ultrafilter S.L., Terrassa, Spain was established in 1966. With a staff of approximately 40, the company today manufactures “Ultracool” brand industrial circulation chillers with a capacity of up to 500 kilowatts. Ultrafilter S.L supplies major manufacturers of such equipment as printing presses, injection molding equipment, laser processing machines and sorting equipment across the globe. The circulation chiller business has significant growth opportunities that are outside of Donaldson’s focus on filtration.

Industrial circulation chillers enable LAUDA to broaden its product range and increase its attractiveness to manufacturers of industrial plant and equipment requiring machine cooling. The constant temperature specialist employs more than 350 staff and is planning an annual turnover of more than EUR 60 million. LAUDA’s Managing Director Dr Gunther Wobser is enthusiastic about the expansion of the business, “With the high-grade Donaldson industrial circulation chillers we can systematically extend our product range in the field of our core skill of liquid-based constant temperature technology. Our activities in industrial markets with our OEM thermostats and heating and cooling systems are already very successful. However, up to the present time we have been without attractively priced circulation chillers with high cooling capacities. With our effective sales organization and the LAUDA brand which is well-known across the world for constant temperature technology I am confidently expecting powerful synergies from this acquisition.“ The manufacturing site in Terrassa with its ultra-modern equipment is situated approximately 30 kilometers north-west of Barcelona. It will continue to be managed separately under the name of “LAUDA Ultracool“ and is expected to grow further in the coming years, not least thanks to the excellence in marketing and sales of the LAUDA Group. In addition to developing and manufacturing circulation chillers, the Spanish company will assume responsibility for sales support in Spain and Portugal. Marketing, sales and service activities will be taken over from the parent company in Germany as well as from the existing seven overseas subsidiaries and selected agencies and service partners.

Your contact at LAUDA:

Dr. Gunther Wobser
Managing Director
Phone: 09343 503-112
Fax.: 09343 503-4112

Constant temperature equipment specialist LAUDA benefits from LED boom — August 2010 Lauda-Königshofen, Germany

The Secretary of State for the Economy, Richard Drautz, visits the LAUDA global headquarters

Delegation from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs at
From left to right.: Regional chairman of the
Main-Tauber FDP Benjamin Denzer, managing director Dr. Gunther Wobser,
state secretary Richard Drautz, partner and advisory board member Dr. Gerhard
Wobser and Dr. Siegfried Jaumann, deputy head of the Life Sciences Department
at the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Following an invitation from managing director Dr. Gunther Wobser, the secretary of state from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Baden-Württemberg, Richard Drautz, was briefed on the current situation and future perspectives of LAUDA. Dr. Gerhard Wobser, longstanding managing director and currently a member of the advisory board also took part in the meeting held at the company’s premises. Richard Drautz was accompanied by Dr. Siegfried Jaumann, deputy head of the Life Sciences Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Also joining the discussions was Benjamin Denzer, regional chairman of the Main-Tauber FDP. Under the motto “Extending our lead“, Dr. Gunther Wobser presented the solid medium-sized company’s successful journey to its current position as global market leader in the manufacture of thermostatic equipment and systems, before then going on to elucidate the promising future perspectives.

Dr. Gunther Wobser explained that although LAUDA has been growing constantly for years, the company is currently undergoing a particularly strong course of expansion. The uninterrupted flow of incoming orders requires an outstanding degree of flexibility, maximum diligence and genuine team spirit from the approximately 300 employees. LAUDA is represented with its product groups in important growth industries and is the only supplier worldwide that offers optimal temperature throughout the entire value chain. Six subsidiaries with a total of 22 employees support the 100-plus LAUDA representatives abroad. Moreover, the booming LED business segment offers excellent long-term prospects for LAUDA. According to Dr. Gunther Wobser, “Efficient thermostatic equipment has a great future. As such, we must generate creative scope for development and seek out research cooperation partners, all of which will require courage and a watchful eye in equal measure. We also need more room to expand our manufacturing capacity.” As a result of the sustained growth, the LAUDA plant area is scheduled to undergo further expansion in the near future.

During the meeting, Dr. Gerhard Wobser, board member of the industry association SPECTARIS, drew attention to the significance of analysis, bio and laboratory technology in the Main-Tauber region. Dr. Gunther Wobser expressed his desire for a better rail link to the regional capital, which would also be of interest to the company due to the high-speed train to Paris. In addition, more university places for technical courses of study would benefit the Main-Tauber region in particular. Once youth moves away from the area, it is doubly difficult to win them back. In the course of discussion, state secretary Drautz and Dr. Jaumann advised the LAUDA management of special funding programs, particularly for innovations, and pledged their support.

LAUDA-Brinkmann, LP. enters into partnership with Controlled Temperature Solutions, LLC. (Robbinsville, NJ.) — July 2010

LAUDA is the global leader in the manufacture of innovative thermostatic equipment and systems for science, application technology and production, as well as for high quality measuring devices. Quality products from LAUDA keep temperatures constant to an impressive 5 thousandth °C or make targeted changes in an area spanning -100 to 400 °C.

Under the terms of the partnership, LAUDA-Brinkmann and Controlled Temperature Solutions will work together to provide manufacturers, throughout the United States, with customized OEM solutions for targeted constant temperature requirements.

New Service and Technical Support Programs January 2010

LAUDA is proud to introduce a host of new service plans and support programs that provide users with multi-year extended warranties and preventative maintenance scheduling. A variety of tailored programs are available to help eliminate and reduce the risk of unbudgeted service expenses, down-time and unforeseen maintenance needs. Don’t hesitate to contact LAUDA for service rates and availability at (856) 764-7300 ext. 17 or via e-mail at

New Product Announcement September 2009

LAUDA iVisc System

The new LAUDA iVisc is a capillary viscometer intended for the automatic measurement and evaluation of kinematic viscosity in accordance with DIN 51562 and ASTM D445 methodology. In addition, it opens up the possibility of calculating polymer data, e.g. SV-, IV- and K-values and the dynamic viscosities of oils, lubricants and beverage samples.

The iVisc may be employed, quite easily, in any test laboratory where viscosity values have to be determined. Other wide-ranging application examples may be found in quality control of polymers, resins and pre-fabricated plastic components.

New Product Announcement July 2009

LAUDA Integral XT 490 W

Highly Dynamic Thermostat for Reactor Chemistries down to -90 °C
The new LAUDA Integral XT 490 W is the second of the Integral XT Thermostats with a temperature range that spans down to -90 °C. Top end temperatures for this model reach 200 °C for high temperature dependent reactions.  The XT 490 W features outstanding cooling capacity even at ultra low temperatures. Driven by a two-stage compressor system, the XT 490 W is perfectly suited for any application requiring rapid temperature changes and reliable, high capacity heating and cooling. The XT 490 W is water-cooled as to eliminate heat and noise emissions into the laboratory environment. With 4.0 kilowatts of cooling capacity at 20 °C, you can be sure that the XT 490 W can handle most 50 L or 100 L reactor application.  The Integral XT 490 W comes complete with RS 232/485, a detachable Command remote control and an easy to move castor system for mobility.

New Product Announcement March 2009

LAUDA Integral XT 1590 W

Highly Dynamic Thermostat for Reactor Chemistries down to -90 °C
The new LAUDA Integral XT 1590 W is the first of the Integral XT Thermostats with a temperature range that spans down to -90 °C. Top end temperatures for this model reach 200 °C for high temperature dependent reactions. The XT 1590 W features outstanding cooling capacity even at ultra low temperatures. Driven by a two-stage compressor system, the XT 1590 W is perfectly suited for any application requiring rapid temperature changes and reliable, high capacity heating and cooling. The XT 1590 W is water-cooled as to eliminate heat and noise emissions into the laboratory environment. With 15.0 kilowatts of cooling capacity at 20 °C, you can be sure that the XT 1590 W can handle any 50L or 100L reactor application. The Integral XT 1590 W comes complete with RS 232/485, a detachable Command remote control and an easy to move castor system for mobility.

LAUDA Alpha Series of Heating and Refrigerated Circulators March 2009

LAUDA Alpha for cost effective thermostating in the laboratory from -25 up to 85 °C
With the new Alpha range, successor to the Class A thermostats, LAUDA presents the next generation of instruments that meet the needs of almost all common thermostating tasks in chemistry, biology, quality assurance and general laboratory settings.

Modern design, leading technology and practical price
The LAUDA Alpha thermostats are available as immersion thermostats and complete bath thermostat systems. The new product line also includes cooling thermostats for a wide range of application. The A 6, A 12 and A 24 bath thermostats offer a temperature range between 25 and 85 °C. The cooling thermostats RA 8, RA 12 and RA 24 have an operating range of temperature from -25 to 85 °C.