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Energy Saving Star

Looking to build energy efficiency and cost reductions into your lab or production process?

Energy Star

Give yourself the Energy Saving Star with LAUDA thermostats

With laboratory, industrial or production processes, where energy-consumption is sizeable, even limited efficiencies and savings result in enormous cost reductions. The use of energy-efficient constant temperature equipment can contribute greatly to this cost reduction and even to minimizing environmental impact—so LAUDA is committed to doing their part in order to help you achieve just that.

Cooling thermostats, like many of those from LAUDA, operate in an energy-efficient manner when the process temperature has been stabilized. This regulation is made possible via an electronic expansion valve which brings the cooling circuit to an idle mode keeping the process temperature stable until additional cooling is required. As a result, it is possible to adapt the cooling performance to exactly the amount required for your process—thus reducing overall power consumption.

LAUDA builds this, and other energy-efficient features, into many of their new refrigerated units, even taking measures to incorporate this into the production of models brought to market in prior years. It’s part of our effort to promote the conservation of energy, generate cost savings and contribute to a greener environment.

Do your part—give yourself the Energy Saving Star with LAUDA thermostats

Models with the Energy Saving Star include: