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The universal water baths for the laboratory from 25 up to 95 °C

The LAUDA Aqualine water baths offer an affordable entry into laboratory thermostating. The equipment range for basic applications in the laboratory stands out for its simple operation with digital LED display and high reliability.

The devices have no circulating pumps and no fittings within the bath. Consequently, they are corrosion-resistant, easy to clean or disinfect, and provide maximum use of internal bath space. The heating elements housed under the bath vessel ensure homogenous temperature distribution without localised overheating.

Application examples

  • Preparation of medical samples for analysis
  • Temperature control of cytological samples
  • Pre-thermostating of samples for spectroscopic tests
  • Use in colleges and education

Download a PDF of our Aqualine brochure:

LAUDA Aqualine Brochure (1.5 MB)

Working Temp Min.

Working temperature min.

25 °C

Working Temp Max.

Working temperature max.

95 °C

Temp Stability

Temperature stability

0.2 ±K

The Aqualine Advantages

Full use of the bath and easy cleaning of the inner chamber, thanks to the lack of installations in the bath vessel

Removable, transparent gable cover


Heating of the bath bottom across the entire base – excellent temperature homogeneity in the bath and optimum use of the internal space


Patented low-level protection, minimum fill level of only 2 cm – bath operation almost independent of the fill level


Recessed operating elements – dirt and drip-proof electronics


Luminous digital LED display – easy operation


Controller electronics integrated into the housing – smallest possible unit footprint


No heaters, sensors or other fittings in the bath vessel – easy-clean interior, no niches for hidden growth of germs, full use of the bath


Transparent polycarbonate gable covers removable without tools are a standard feature – easy and quick visual inspection of the samples in the bath


Optimised roof shape – easy cleaning, no height restrictions, prevents sample contamination from condensation

Aqualine Water Baths

The LAUDA Aqualine water baths are available in five different sizes. Depending on the size and the quantity of the samples, the user has the right bath depth or opening for his application at his disposal.

All the baths are made from moulded stainless steel, and do not have any fittings. As a result, the interior is used to its full advantage, and the number of samples per bath is maximised. Above all, the LAUDA Aqualine is designed for the requirements of biological, medical and biochemical laboratories. Thanks to the patented heating concept, the baths also achieve a high level of temperature homogeneity.

Aqualine Water Baths

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Technical features AL 2 AL 5 AL 12 AL 18 AL 25
Select to compare:
Working temperature min. °C 25 25 25 25 25
Working temperature max. °C 95 95 95 95 95
Temperature stability ±K 0.20 0.20 0.20 0.20 0.20
Heater power max. kW 0.5 0.5 1.0 1.2 1.2
Bath volume L 1.7 5.0 12.0 18.0 25.0
Bath opening (WxD) mm 300x151 300x151 329x300 505x300 505x300
Bath depth mm 65 150 150 150 200
Cat. No. 115 V; 60 Hz L000608 L000609 L000610 L000611 L000612

Test tube racks
Polypropylene up to 95 °C

Cat. No. Description Qty. Tubes Ø mm
UE 041 rack white 21 30
UE 039 rack white 24 25
UE 040 rack white 40 20
UE 042 rack white 60 16
UE 037 rack white 90 13
UE 047 rack yellow 21 30
UE 046 rack yellow 24 25
UE 045 rack yellow 40 20
UE 048 rack yellow 60 16
UE 043 rack yellow 90 13
suitable for 1 x in AL 5
2 x in AL 12
4 x in AL 18, AL 25

Test tube rack
Stainless steel up to 150 °C

Cat. No. Description Qty. Tubes Ø mm
UE 038 test tube rack
stainless steel
12 20
suitable for 1 x in AL 5
3 x in AL 12
6 x in AL 18, AL 25

Stainless steel up to 100 °C, with eight height adjustable steps

Cat. No. Usable area mm
LCZ 0689 40×270
suitable for 1 x in AL 12
2 x in AL 18, AL 25