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Lauda-Brinkmann facility

With around 430 employees, over $90 million in annual turnover and twelve foreign subsidiaries, LAUDA is the global leader in the manufacture of innovative Constant temperature equipment and systems for science, application technology and production. With more than 60 years of experience and a unique product portfolio ranging from compact laboratory thermostats to industrial circulation chillers to customized Heating and cooling systems with more than 400 kilowatts of cooling power, LAUDA is the only company that can guarantee optimized temperature throughout the entire value-added chain for its 10,000 plus customers worldwide. LAUDA-Brinkmann, established in 2008, has maintained a sales and technical service presence for the North American market, including USA and Canada. With facilities in both Delran, NJ and Morgan Hill, CA, LAUDA-Brinkmann is situated to best support our customers from coast to coast.

Quality products from LAUDA keep temperatures constant to an impressive 5 thousandth °C or make targeted changes in an area spanning -150 to 550 °C. Through active cooling or warming, production processes are accelerated or, indeed, made possible in the first place. In such cases, LAUDA, for example, replaces the uneconomical mains-water cooling with environmentally friendly and cost-efficient devices or, alternatively, uses existing forms of primary energy such as thermal discharge.

As a highly specialized niche provider, LAUDA ranks either first or second in almost all future-oriented sectors. In the semi-conductor industry, all the renowned manufacturers and suppliers place their trust in LAUDA thermostats and Heating and cooling systems. LAUDA quality products also enable both the research and mass production of vital medicines. In the growing medical technology market, circulation chillers made by LAUDA cool patients and guarantee safe openheart surgery. LAUDA industrial circulation chillers provide reliable and cost effective cooling for printing machines, injection moulding plants and laser processing machines equipment. Further principle applications include material inspection, biotechnology and the temperature regulation of laboratory instruments and machines. LAUDA thermostats are also used in the measuring instruments. For example, in order to determine the viscosity of aviation fuel under real conditions at 10,000-meter altitude, the sample is cooled in the laboratory down to -60 °C.

Through numerous innovations and ongoing investment, LAUDA is sustainably improving its excellent market position and is growing both in the main European market as well as overseas.


Our products provide precise temperature control, with accuracies of 0.005 °C, from -100 °C to +400 °C with up to 400 kW of cooling capacity. Developments and advancements in the science of temperature control are led by LAUDA and their most recent introductions of the Variocool and Microcool chiller products.

LAUDA Worldwide

Founded, and still headquartered in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany, LAUDA is the largest manufacturer of constant temperature instruments and equipment. LAUDA has almost 60 years of experience developing premium temperature control equipment and analytical measuring devices including static water baths, low and high temperature circulators, compact and large-scale chillers, industrial heating and cooling systems, automated solution viscosity devices and surface tension measurement instruments.

LAUDA ranks either first or second in all emerging market segments, including the growing LED, niche semiconductor and micro-reactor technologies.

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LAUDA-Brinkmann, LP. provides on-time support, throughout the United States. From technical support and applications advice to product repair and service, LAUDA-Brinkmann, LP. guarantees localized assistance with your products. Contact LAUDA-Brinkmann, LP. via e-mail at or call (856) 764-7300 for general inquiries.

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